Make Up For Ever - Lash Show Instant Drama False Lashes*

I've got some excited news to share with all of you! Recently, Make Up For Ever launched Lash Show - a new line of 50 HANDMADE, false lash styles designed for the easiest applications to intensity eyes in a flash. They retail for $22 Cdn each and can be found at Sephora, and Make Up For Ever Boutiques. The line is made up of 27 Natural and 23 Creative Impact lash options to suit any style and occasion. These lashes are created for long wear and continued use over time - that means that you get more bang for your buck. You can wear them more than a few times, and they won't be destroyed.
The lashes are 100% synthetic fibers and are light weight and comfortable. The band on the lash is thin, so you won't feel it weighing down on your lids. In addition of the band being thin, it is also flexible making it easily adaptable to shape onto any eye shape. 

Each hygienic Lash Show set contains Make Up For Ever's gentle, latex-free adhesive with a unique, easy to apply eyeliner tip. The amount is generous enough that you can save it to use for any future lash applications as well. I love that the adhesive is actually from Make Up For Ever, and not some no-name brand which may end up irritating your eyes. 

The various styles of lashes means that you will be able to find a style that can cater to your tastes, whether you are an every day user or a pro makeup artist. 

The lashes are available in four different styles:
1. Natural Volume - 13 everyday lash styles that increase length or volume for natural-looking enhancement.
2. Dramatic Volume - 13 fuller lash options for a slightly more dramatic result. These are suitable for both day or evening looks. 
3. Winged - 9 beautiful cat-eye style lashes
4. Artistic - inspired by pro makeup artists, this dramatic range of 15 artistic styles set the stage for elaborate looks and show-stopping lashes. This collection gives you the opportunity to express your inner artist and transform lashes as your stand-out accessory. 

Application Tips: 
Some advise that you should always put mascara on first, prior to lash application, however, I find that the mascara causes a stiffness to my lashes, which in turn makes it harder for me to place the false lashes on my lash line. I prefer to lower the false lashes onto my natural lash line, and go as close to it as possible thereby creating a seamless look. For the glue, make sure you brush it on, and wait for a few seconds to become tacky - you will know when it's ready when the glue turns from a blue-ish hue to clear. I like to lower the false lashes and adhere the center of the lash first, then proceed with lowering the sides to glue it down.  You can finish off the look by applying liquid liner (I suggest liquid only because it has less product transfer which won't ruin your falsies as much as gel or something wax based) to hide the band. If you really want to, you can add a coat of mascara - but that will definitely shorten the life, and may possibly ruin your falsies faster. 

The pair I opted for was N - 403. N=Natural.

Here's a close-up of the lashes. The criss-cross pattern near the first half of the lashes creates a more natural fluttery effect that I always love and look for when I purchase a pair of falsies. 

Until next time, XO - M.

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