Reversa Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 30*

If you are like me, the thought of forgetting to use SPF on your face comes quite often. I always remember to put SPF on my body, but never remembering that my face is equally, if not, more important. The reason that I have been guilt of neglecting SPF is because I do not like to put excessive layers of product on my face and having it feel greasy after. Imagine layering on your toner, serum, moisturizer, SPF .. THEN primer? please... ain't nobody got time for that! Secondly, the products that I have tried in the past, either have a white cast/flash back in flash photography, or break me out.

That is why when I was contacted to try out Reversa, I thought what do I have to lose? and gave it a go! This face cream contains SPF 30 as well as ant-wrinkle properties. The benefits include:
- Reduction of the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
- Exfoliates, moisturizes, softens and smooths the skin
- Filters UVA/UVB rays and helps sunburn
- Non-greasy, leaves a pleasant silky feeling on skin
- Ideal for daily urban activities #urbanprotection.

The product is housed in a practical and elegant airless-pump bottle and allows you to see how much product you've used so you know when to re-stock before you run out! It is available in most Canadian drugstores and a 50 ml bottle is $45 approx. In the same line, there is also a anti-wrinkle eye contour cream with SPF 15, and anti-wrinkle fluid with SPF 15.

My thoughts and would I repurchase this?
Yes! 100% yes! I really loved the weightless texture of this product. When dispensed, it is like any ordinary white-tinted cream. However, when applied thoroughly to your skin/face it dries to almost a satin/powder textured finish. It doesn't ball up when applying primer or foundation. There is no flashback when using flash photography and well its great to have a product that serves two purposes - SPF + moisturizer. It says to apply this at least 15 minutes before you head out the door and get exposed to the sun.. so I wouldn't say that's unreasonable consider you put it on after your skincare routine, put on your makeup then get dressed etc .. so that's more than enough time...

Until next time, XO - M.

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