Beauty Haul from Korea & Japan

My weakness in beauty products is cosmetics from Asia. When my sister in law recently went to Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, she was kind enough to pick up some goodies for me and I thought I'd share them with you! Most of these products are items that I know I'd like, as I've tried them before when I went to Tokyo 3 years ago and bought them. I was so sad I couldn't get my hands on them that I had to ask Jen to pick me up multiples!

The below face masks are a gift by Jen, she actually bought 100+ face masks while she was in Korea. She told me that Horse Fat is really good? It's said to be ultra hydrating - can't wait to try it! 

Have any of you triede the Baby Lips formula in Asia? It's absolutely different than that of Canada/America. The version in Asia is ultra hydrating, almost wet in texture like it instantly melts onto your lips and really does provide moisture. I bought one in Tokyo three years ago, and upon using it after I bought it - I had to double back and go get another. They are super inexpensive, about $2 cdn or less? So glad Jen found me so many different flavors!! ahh! 

What next, the Beauty Charge Honey Milk hand lotion. It's really hydrating, and the scent alone brings me back to my trip to Asia. So nostalgic. It doesn't irritate my eczema prone hands in the colder winter months in Canada. LOVE it!

Three other items include the Sugar Syrup lip balm (smells like candies and is coral tinted), Etude House (Blooming Lipstick) and Clio Kill Black Liquid Liner. The Clio liner is the first time I've tried it, but it is BETTER than the Kat Von D Trooper liner. More precise, darker, more pigmented and does not budge at all! 

Yes, candies - black currant pastilles to be exact, the Hong Kong version tastes different and is shaped differently as well. Trust me, if you love these candies, you have to get the Hong Kong version, it's tons better!

Lastly, Jen gifted me these two pairs of socks - Totoro! AHH! and a cute fat owl.. too cute!

The two colors of the lip products I got :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my short haul post! What are some of your asian beauty favorites? Would love to hear em!

Until next time, XO - M!

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