Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep and Life Serum Product Review

I recently had the opportunity, through Chick Advisor, to try out the Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep and the Vichy Idealia Life Serum. If you click the above two links, you will find that the Skin Sleep was rated 94% out of 304 people and the Life Serum was rated 91% our of 231 reviews. That says something about this product.

Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep is:
  • formulated with hyaluronic and glycyrrhizic acids, caffeine, Vitamin B3, and omega-rich repairing oils for hydration and a healthy-looking skin tone
  • paraben-free and hypoallergenic
  • tested on sensitive skin under dermalogical control
  • suitable for all skin types
  • delicately scented with jasmine and green tea fragrances for a relaxing and calming effect as you are preparing for sleep
The Skin Sleep is described as "A repairing night gel-balm designed to recreate the repairing benefits of a deep sleep for ideal skin quality from the very first morning." - Chick Advisor. 

My experience with the Skin Sleep is a positive one. My skin is quite sensitive to new products. I can easily break out if  something doesn't agree with me, and no matter how long I try to get my skin adjusted to it, it won't if it really doesn't agree with me. I was once told that when you try out a new product, like a natural product for your skin that helps rid you of toxins, like something with tea-tree products in it, your skin can have an adverse effect as the tea-tree is helping push out your toxins, that's why you break out. Anyways, I'm going off topic.... 

I use this after I put on the Life Serum (as suggested). It is a thicker than usual moisturizers, it feels a tad balmy when applied but it is not sticky at all. I would have thought that I would wipe it all off my pillowcase when sleeping, but it absorbs rather quickly. In the morning, when I wash my face, the water almost feels like it is emulsifying the balm and it becomes a bit slimy and washes off completely. I love that, it makes me realize that the balm stayed on all night and has worked its magic being sealed in on my face and hasn't rubbed off on my bedding.

The Life Serum is described as: "The 1st lifeproof skin idealizer for a spectacular transformation of skin quality: fresh complexion, even skintone, refined pores and rested features." - Chick Advisor

The serum itself, as you see below, has an iridescent sheen to it. It is light in texture and smells wonderful. Nothing too overpowering that would make you nauseous or keep you awake in bed.

Left: the Skin Sleep, Right the Life Serum. 

Overall, I like this product. in the morning, my skin looks plump and refreshed. It does not help you get rid of eyebags or dark circles, but it gives you a plumpness to your skin that I have yet to experience with any other product. 

I would most likely repurchase this product, but not right away. I am always on a mission to search and try out new products out there and experience new things and report back to my readers what I have found in my adventures.

Until next time, Miranda.


  1. They both have a very interesting density to them. I always hate night-creams that are super heavy, I too break out easily with products that are way too heavy. Love the smell of both of them and can't wait to try!

  2. I got to try this too and I was so impressed as well!

  3. I got to try this too and I was so impressed as well!

  4. I got to try this too and I was so impressed as well!

  5. Ooh, tempting! I have and like the serum and the sleep mask sounds great! Will have to check it out soon :)