Tea on a Rainy Day

This week has been a food week, and while it's super cold, damp and wet in Toronto I wanted to share with you all my favorite tea from Davids Tea. Mint to Be, can it get anymore perfect than this? The name is super cute and I love that it has the benefits of a good mint tea - not too overwhelming, but I find that it's more like a vanilla note vs. coconut. 

I drink it black, and it's my tea of choice. I love to sip on it during the winter and colder seasons and it just warms me from within.

FYI - Davids Tea is currently doing some web specials/clearance - you're looking at a good 40-50% off teas, mugs, tumblers all from the Christmas collection.

Check it out! What are some of your favorite teas? Let me know!

XO, M.


  1. Such a cute mug! :) I think it's the perfect size.

  2. ARgh I used to have many Davids Tea hauls but I have curbed myself (for the time being.) I haven't tried the mint to be, but I do like the north african mint from DT as well. And their cups are super cute, I have one at work :D