Jealous Body Scrub*

I was recently contacted to try out Jealous Body Scrub, which is an "all natural coffee scrub made with Premium Robusta Coffee, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Raw Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Vitamin E and Minerals". Made in Vancouver, Canada I knew I had to say Yes since I am a proud supporter of Canadian Made products. 

I was introduced to the world of Coffee Scrubs through social media as they have become quite popular over the past year. The benefits of using this product are as follows:
- The course texture of the coffee grind with the brown sugar works to exfoliate your skin's imperfections (taking off the dead skin). 
- The coconut oil leaves your skin moisturized after every use.
- Reduces the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins, psoriasis and acne.
- Leaves your skin feeling smooth after every use.

While the claims are vast, I do have to agree that after using the packet, which lasted about 5 uses, I was left with smoother and incredibly soft skin. The other claims such as reduction in cellulite, stretch marks etc... would require additional and frequent uses - therefore, I cannot comment on those benefits at this time.

The product in the package

The Product with a bit of water added to it

Finally, the product rubbed out in the palm of my hand to show you the texture. 

If you love the smell of coffee, you will definitely LOVE this product. As the packet says, it smells good enough to eat and I really was tempted. The combination of Coffee, Coconut Oil and Brown Sugar was divine. 

What makes my skin feel utterly baby smooth right after only one application, is largely due to the fact that there's sea salt and vitamin E in there. My current favorite facial scrub from LUSH, the Ocean Salt scrub, also contains Sea Salt and that is a miracle ingredient for your body. For those of you who love travelling to Cuba, etc will notice why your skin is so soft afterwards. That is due to the salt waters that you dip in :)

This product retails for $17.95 and offers shipping to US and Canada.

I would recommend this product to my friends and family, however one suggestion would be that since it would require more than a few uses to achieve the full benefits of the scrub, I think they should offer a bigger packet for sale. That would be really ideal. 

 here's some goofy pics of me and the scrub!

Until next time, XO  - M.

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