My Fur Baby - Bentley


I'd like to introduce you to my furbaby....

Bentley Fan:)

Birthdate: September 21, 2012.
Breed: Shih Tzu

Loves: Tummy Rubs, play time, peanut butter and CHICKEN
Cons: ... Bentley has no re-call feature! lol... unless you say "bye-bye" and he'll come running back...

My hubby decided to surprise me with our puppy back in November 2013 one day after work, when he told me to go meet him at his office. Confused as to why he would ask me to take a 20 minute street car over to meet him as opposed to just seeing each other at home that night, I proceeded with caution into his office. Most of his coworkers had left for the day and there stood my hubby at his desk motioning me to come over.

As I walked there, I heard him say - go meet your mommy! go!! ... and there, tucked between his feet was little Bentley, probably weighing only 6-7 pounds back then.

Lucky him, he gets to go to work everyday with his daddy due to the fact that he works in a pet-friendly building right in Liberty Village. Sometimes, his coworkers or boss will bring their dogs in and it'll be a big doggy play date..

I love this little guy :)

- M

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