Friday Night Live @ The ROM

Friday Night - May 9, 2014.

A friend of hubs decided to hold his birthday get-together at The ROM. Apparently, Friday Night Live is a night where the museum is open from 7pm-11pm. There is food, drinks and music. Last night, Fefe Dobson made an appearance and sang a few songs including "Ghost" and "Stuttering". It was pretty lively and fun, and so many people showed up, the line to get in to The ROM was around the block and another line inside just to buy tickets.

Interestingly, alot of people were dressed up like they were going clubbing (6 inch heels, mini skirts etc) and I found that kind of silly considering as much as there was music and bands going on in different areas, and the lights were dimmed etc - the museum was still open entirely for people to view the exhibits, which meant lots of walking. If you really wanted to be there for the lounge environment and not visit the exhibits, why wouldn't you go to an actual lounge/club? Anyways, all that aside, I actually really like this idea of opening up the museum and attracting people to come in who otherwise may not have, to experience the ROM.

There were alot of different food vendors that come in ranging from Jamaican,  Filipino, Chinese, Italian and a variety of desserts. Of course, stand up bars where you can buy a beer/cocktail from.

Overall, this was something I'm glad I experienced and I'd recommend you to give it a try :)

- M

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