Review: Brand New Juicy Couture Fragrances*

Juicy Couture has recently launched two new fragrances, and as a collector of these bottles I am so ecstatic to add two more to my collection.

 For those of you who love the original Juicy fragrance notes, I think the Viva La Juicy Bowdacious is right up your alley. This contains notes of Italian mandarin, pear, honeydew mixed with tiare flower wrapped in a warm blend of tonka bean and coconut milk. Staying true to their bottle themes, this one comes in the rectangular bottle with an adorable metallic hot pink bow on the cap as well as more miniature ones on the base of the bottle. The initial whiff of this fragrance, I can really pick up the warmer notes first which is balanced by a the slightly floral and fruity note.

Next, we have Oui by Juicy that I gravitate to more between the two only because this one has more fruity notes, and less of the warmer notes. I like fragrances that are light and refreshing and this is unlike any of the prior Juicy Fragrances I have experienced. This has notes of watermelon, Acai Tea Natureprint, Pear Infusion, Jamine, Wild Tuberose, Dewy Honeysuckle Natureprint and base notes of Techno Woods, Amber Resins and Captive Musks. Even the bottle of this perfume is unlike prior bottle styles released by Juicy.

Above are photos of my other Juicy bottles - I had one more before, but gifted that to a friend. Have you tried Juicy Fragrances before? Which is your favorite! Or, out of the two mentioned above, which do you gravitate to?

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.


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