Review: My Sephora Brush Collection*

If you are ever on the hunt for some good quality and reasonably priced makeup brushes, look no further than the place that you already get most of your makeup - Sephora! Sephora themselves, have always carried make-up brushes, and I feel like they are not talked about enough! I had started using the Sephora Collection Makeup Brushes just before I started to pursue my passion in make-up by starting my blog - that was about 4-5 years ago. Their brushes then had the silver handle as you can see in the photo above, and then it evolved into the all black packaging on the left and the finally to the perfect combination of black and silver now. 

I had used the original foundation and concealer brushes almost everyday for the first 2-3 years and on occasion now, and you can see that through all the cleaning and use it has still remained in excellent shape. These brushes are honestly such a good investment if you are thinking of purchasing some make-up brushes and you do not know where to start. They sell them individually, but also in bundles and in all these pretty patterns and packaging especially in the holiday season, so this would make for a great gift as well!

Sephora also does a wonderful job packaging the brushes when you purchase them. They come in plastic protectors that you can actually re-use when you take them to travel with you, so do not throw them away! I really appreciate this aspect of the packaging as most brands would just come in a cardboard box and you toss that when you get home. Having a re-usable protector case just makes everything better. It isn't extra bulky either so it is practical. 

I tend to be a visual person so when I purchase my brushes, I do like to see how they fit on the face as a size ratio perspective, so I hope that the images above will help you. From left to right we have the Sephora Collection: 1) Pro Contour Brush no.79 ($43cad) 2) Pro Highlight Brush no.98 ($35cad) 3) Pro Concealer Brush no.71 ($28cad)  and 4) Pro Airbrush Crease no.31 ($27cad). 

The contour brush is soft but firm enough to pick up the contour powder to buff evenly onto the skin. The highlighter brush actually picks up enough highlight to apply it on my cheekbones - I have had such a difficult time finding a good highlight brush and this one has been so great! The concealer brush is flatly tapered on one side making concealer application and diffusion a breeze. It can pack on the cream or liquid if needed and just buff it out to look airbrushed. Lastly, the crease brush is tapered on the tip so I can really get into the crease/fold of my eye to deliver and distribute color. When I add a bit more pressure, it just blends the colors out to my brow bone leaving behind no harsh lines.

Above you will see my collection of individual brushes from Sephora, labelled for your convenience. I do own a few bundle sets as well, if you're interested in seeing them I can upload a photo or do a separate post!

Honestly, are these worth it? Yes, 100% yes. I am a brush snob - seroiusly, I love makeup brushes and I own too much of it. I have high end ones that I bought made from handmade Japanese artisans when I was in Tokyo and I also have drugstore brands. In my honest opinion, a good brush is not defined by the brand name - high end ones aren't always better, you can also find great ones at reasonable prices - which is what we have here. I would say buy the Pro line from Sephora, you won't regret it!

Until next time, XO - M.

*makeup brushes from then newest pro line (black and silver packaging) were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own

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