Review & Swatch: Mary Kay Brow Products*

Mary Kay has come out with some new brow products that will help you get them in shape - first we have the Precision Brow Liner, that comes in 5 different shapes and retails for $14 each. It is a retractable, firm and microtip pencil that does not require sharpening. I really like how firm it is as it allows you to draw fine lines on your brows and lets it look very natural. There are a variety of shades that suit everyone, however the dark brunette and black brown are quite similar as you can see below. The black brown is a shade cooler in tone. 

Next, we have the Volumizing Brow Tint that retails for $14 as well. It has a very small barrel that contains microfibers that help to add volume and thickness to your brow. The formulation is a bit wetter than expected,  and brunette is actually very warm in tone and its a bit too light for me. I think that brunette shade is actually more suitable for someone with red hair because it is so warm. However, blonde, dark blonde and dark brunette are perfect. I will be passing on the blonde shades in these products to my friend, and for sure will continue using the dark brunette for myself. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review and consideration, all opinions are my own. 

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