Review: Getting my skin summer ready with Belif Skincare!*

Summertime is in FULL swing and it's hot, humid and icky outside. We've had some crazy heat waves lately and honestly, anything above 32 is gross, especially when it's humid and then it feels like closer to 45... we had a few of those days! I'm sure you know that it is important to keep yourself hydrating by drinking tons of water, however do you know that you have to keep your skin hydrated externally as well? In comes the Aqua Bomb from Belif. I've written about this product several times on the blog, so if you're interested in reading about it, just search the side bar! 

One other thing is when it is so hot, my skin goes bonkers - it goes from my normal winter skin to oily combination so I'm always looking for skincare and makeup products to control oil secretion. The Eucalyptus Toner will do just that! It is obviously formulated with Eucalyptus and also contains apple mint to help balance, tone and sooth your skin. It is specifically created for oily/combo skin people (like me) to help control the oil production which leads to shiny foreheads and greasy noses and t-zones. This is also great for those who are prone to break-outs as it helps to soothe and calm the area. This is slowly becoming a favorite for me! 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.

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