Clarins - Double Serum Review*

Clarins has released a new product, the Double Serum, which is said to be the most complete anti-aging treatment by far and retails for $120 cad. The serum is a dual-phase product rich in 20 different plant extracts that promote anti-aging components. The most focused ingredient is turmeric extract which is concentrated in turmerone to treat signs of aging by firming the skin, smoothing wrinkles and bringing back any lost radiance and evenness. In addition, it also works well to reduce the size of pores. 

The details of the packaging are below which shows the pump dispenser of the product as well as the dial that allows you to control the dosage that comes out.

I really like how this product does exactly what it says, I have oily combination skin in the t-zone and on my cheeks it's a bit drier during the colder winter months and I was afraid that this product would make me a bit greasy. However, this did not mess with my skin balance at all, it hydrated my cheeks and helped smooth out my face. By having a smoother surface overall, my make-up applied more effortlessly as well. It brought back a radiance to my face that was lacking from the winter weather and made my skin look more plump. I do not have any wrinkles yet (thankfully), but this did firm it up and I only used the small pump portion once a day at night. 



The product comes with a customizable pump dispenser that allows for either a smaller or larger dosage delivery. The Small Drop (right) would be more suitable for warmer months, the summer time or those with combination/oily skin. The Larger Drop (left) is great for the colder, dryer winter months when extra hydration is necessary and/or for those with dry skin. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*product was sent for my review and consideration, all opinions are my own

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