Lancome - Juicy Shaker LIP OIL Review & Swatches*


I remember when these Juicy Shakers first hit the market in the last year or so - I was so excited to get my hands on just one because of it's adorable packaging and innovative formula - a gloss which contained a sheer to build-able color that is oil-based. 

When you first open it, you may be shocked to see that the product appears to have separated - however, have on fear! That is what it's supposed to look like! It is a bi-phase formula (think close to their infamous bi-phase eye make-up remover) - that activates when shaken. The oil on the top, mixes with the pigment on the bottom, to deliver a beautiful wash of color to your lips as well as nourishment and hydration from the oils. 

The result? Super soft lips with a natural finish! As you can see from the swatches below, though they look quite similar in the packaging externally, when swatched they do deliver a bit of difference, HOWEVER not every color's tone is so different that means that you should go get one of every color. For e.g. Cloudy Candy below has a more iridescent lilac finish while Boom-Meringue has a more gold iridescent finish. 

There is currently a green-apple one, that I am dying to get my hands on, as it really smells oh-so delicious! (By the way, these lip oils really do smell of what their name suggests - so wondermelon / watermelon, cloudy candy/cotton candy and so forth.

The applicator is a cloud-like sponge applicator that is bouncy and pillowy soft! When the lid is closed tight and you shake the bottle, the applicator absorbs the product to be dispensed onto your lip. If you want a stronger deposit of color, you will have to repeat this process 2-3x. 

My first ever purchase was WonderMelon and I loved it so much, I had bought one for my friend as well who is a lover of coral/orange tones. As you can see from the swatches below, some of the colors are very natural while Wondermelon and Walk the Lime leave behind a stronger color pay-off. However, for all you natural make-up lovers, this product is still perfect for you as regardless of color, the finish is natural and you will just see a perfect juicy and plump look to your lips :) You will feel that your lips are much more hydrated even after a few days of use!


There are currently 19-20 shades on the Lancome Site, and they are always coming out with brand new scents and colors! I highly suggest you to pick up one as you will definitely find one you will like with such a wide assortment to choose from. My next pick will definitely be Green-Apple! 

P.S. It seems like at this current time, they are also providing free engraving on their shaker bottles! SO CUTE!! :) (I'm not sure how long this will last though so act quickly!)

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own 

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