Lip Smackers ~ Throwback to childhood!*

 I was recently sent a few lip smackers to try and my goodness did it bring me back. The nostalgia of having these around with me everywhere as a child and teen. I loved them so much, I still remember my first product it was a roll-on clear gloss that smelled like watermelons and it was amazing. I wish they still had those around! The new packaging is slimmer, and also in a wand - the one from childhood is a thicker roll-on top. I remember having to beg my parents to buy me these and asked for them for my birthdays from friends. Hah!

Now, there are all these fancy and elevated flavours - for e.g. as you can see below, they have them in the Frappe collections, even ones after your favorite sodas like Grape and Orange Fanta and Barq's Root Beer. The packaging itself has also had an upgrade! Just look how cute they are modelled as a miniature coffee with whip cream, or even the soda with the ice, straw and color of the drink outside.


 The below one is most reminiscent of my childhood - the pink lemonade set in the original lip smackers case with the polish, gloss and whipped body shimmer. I had gifted this to my friend's daughter and she loves it! 


Have you ever tried Lip Smackers? If not, I highly suggest that you try it out and especially in a flavor/fragrance that you like! I really want to try the vanilla coke one so I'll have to purchase that when I find it!

Until next time, XO - M. 

*products were sent to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own

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