First Aid Beauty Event and meet the Founder & CEO

Hello my lovelies!! 

I wanted to share with you all, that FAB Founder and CEO Lilli Gordon will be making a personal store appearance at Sephora Eaton Centre on Friday, August 28 from 1PM - 4PM to help kick off the FAB Moisture Clinic exclusive events at Sephora US and Canada. 

These events will be taking place on Friday, August 28 and Saturday, August 29 in Toronto.

Meet FAB Founder & CEO Lilli Gordon
Friday, 8/28 @ 1PM - 4PM

FAB Moisture Clinic
Friday, 8/28 @ 1PM - 6PM
Saturday, 8/29 @ 12PM - 6PM

As you may know, moisture is the holy grail to beautiful, healthy skin and the cornerstone of FAB’s healthy skin regimen. FAB EMT’s (Essential Moisture Technicians) will be on site prescribing hydrating skincare to suit your skin’s unique needs and lifestyle. Consumers will be receiving samples to try out, creating customized skin care regimens with a FAB expert and experiencing  a First Aid Beauty treatment… perhaps given by Lilli Gordon herself!

If you guys are interseted in trying out FAB for the first time, or if you are already a fan of the products and would like to meet the CEO Lilli and get some one on one skin consultations, make sure you stop by the Sephora Eaton Centre location on the days mentioned above!

I am a fan of FAB beauty, my favorite products that you may want to give a go are:
1.  Ultra Repair Lotion - perfect for my hands which are prone to cracking and mild eczema during the winter months. This is absolutely hydrating without feeling greasy or leaving a filmy residue. I always keep a tube of this in my purse especially in the colder months!
2. Facial Radiance Pads - you want glowing skin? This is your baby! It contains the right amount of lactic and glycolic acid to make it safe enough for everyday use (even for those with sensitive skin). It also contains cucumber and indian gooseberry to tone the face, and lemon peel and licorice root to leave the skin glowing and bright.  
3. Skin Rescue Cleanser with Red Clay - Oily babies, have no fear - this will really help you out as the clay helps to reduce oil production, detoxes your skin and helps to unclog the most stubborn pores.

Products I want to try!
1. Skin Rescue Oil Free Mattifying Gel Moisturizer  - I think this will be perfect for my extra oily skin in the summer months!
2. Vitamin Hydrating Mist

P.S. All FAB Products are allergy-tested, free of artificial fragrance, dermatologist recommended and even safe for sensitive skin.  

Hope to see you guys there! I will definitely be checking this out :) 

Until next time, XO - M.

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