Self Tanning Essentials

Now that Spring is in full-force in Toronto, I'm slowly transitioning into the Spring/Summer gear - Shorts and Skirts. However, the winter has left me colorless and pale, and that's no way to rock my arms and legs - no one likes the pastey-ness!

I have found 3 products that are essential to my self-tan routine, that will provide me with a nice hint of color that will NOT make you end up looking like an oompa-loompa!

The Jergens Natural Glow line is a Gradual tanner in which you apply everyday, and you will gradually see the color appear on your skin. Usually you're looking at 3-5 days before you see the color slowly starting to appear, and it is really natural. You won't turn orange at all. Just make sure that you apply it after you exfoliate, and rub it thoroughly like a regular moisturizer and wash your hands after. THIS is key!! WASH YOUR HANDS. if you don't you will get discoloration on your knuckles etc. Just wash your hands, and then use the palm of your hands to rub out your wrists to spread the lotion back onto your hands again to blend it.

Next is the Sephora brand, Tinted self-tanner body mist. I apply this with the St. Tropez mitt. I spray it onto my legs about 6-8 inches away from my body, and use the mitt to rub and blend the product out. This is safe enough to use on your face too. Just make sure you spray it evenly and far away so that you don't have any targeted areas that are too dark. This will make you 1-2 shades darker with each use.

Hope these products and easy steps to self-tanning help you out to give you that pre-summer glow!

Until next time - Miranda.

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