Xiao Long Bao Restaurant and Review

Location: Scarborough, Ontario.
Cuisine: Shanghai

I recently went to this restaurant with hubs for dinner to give it a try. I absolutely love Shanghai food so I will definitely give any new restaurant a try to see if they can hold a light to my favorite restaurant - Shanghai Dimsum at Brimley & Sheppard. After trying my regular staples - I would have to say that my heart still belongs to Shanghai Dim Sum.

The reason is that Xiao Long Bao is rather greasy in all their dishes. Their Dan Dan Noodles (pictured below - which is a peanut butter based noodle soup) had a thick layer of grease floating. The texture of the noodles however was amazing. Slightly chewy perfectly al dante. 

The Xiao Long Bao (soup filled pork dumplings featured below) were okay - the wrapper was really thin, which is good. Most places have a thicker wrapper. The thinner it is, the more impressive it is ...

I don't think I'd come back again unless Shanghai Dim Sum is completely booked and I am having a crazy craving for Shanghai.

Until next time - XO, M.


  1. i hate the fact that the only good chinese food i can get is usually in Markham and i don't have a car. usually my friends will get together for chinese food and they'll be my drivers lol its the only way i get proper asian food..

    at least this restaurant i can pass and not feel too bad about not going
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. This is my all time favorite place .. lets go whenever ur in scarbs..