January 2015 Favorites

Hey Everyone! Hope you're all having a great start to the weekend. January has come and gone, and I thought that I would share my favorites of the month with all of you. 

The past month has been incredibly cold in Toronto, so I have been doing everything I can to prevent scaley alligator skin from happening on my legs, face elbows and such.

What I found to be very helpful in the colder months, is to switch out my gel products and replace them with cream-based products. This goes for everything - I do it for my face and body products. This really helps to maintain as well as provide moisture to your face.

The Philosophy Body wash range is quite pricey, however, a little goes a long way and I do feel the difference after. By the way, do you notice the name of the body wash? ANIMAL CRACKERS - makes me wanna eat cookies everytime after... not sure if that's good or bad! mmm...  I typically pair that afterwards with the L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil and its the perfect pairing for my horridly dry legs. I usually use 1-2 pumps of the L'Occitane Oil, and mix it with 2-3 pumps of Lubriderm and rub that on my legs and body. AMAZING! Also, the smell of the L'Occitane Oil has a light almond fragrance, its so calming before bed. The oil absorbs very quickly, so you do not have to worry about it ruining your clothes. I also apply this to my elbows as well, I've been doing this for 3 winters (and can I say I am still using the same bottle of oil? I only save this oil for the colder seasons to extend the duration of the bottle, I now only have about 1/4 left). Before bed, I apply a smaller than pea sized amount of the FAB Lip Therapy and the next morning, any signs of cracked lips are gone. 

Both morning and night, after I wash my face, in my skin routine, I have to use the FAB Face Cream (recently discontinued - got it on sale during Sephora Boxing Day) - it doesn't contain any fragrance or parabens, it stops my flakey cheeks from occuring and I switched my Clinique Moisture Surge that I used in 2013, for this. So far so good, I'm liking it, I will be posting my skin care routine soon so I will let you guys now what else I use in my routine. 

This month, for my birthday, I was gifted the Lancome Grandiose mascara, and wow, it makes my short little lashes look long and voluminous. The only thing is, it does clump my lashes together - therefore, I apply a coat of this first, then pair it with the Dior Iconic Overcurl afterwards and that is my winning combo!

Girlactik Bronzer (cabo) has been in my makeup rotation every single day. I will switch up everything else, bu never this bronzer. It literally gives me a sun-kissed glow without looking muddy or orange. It is matte, has no shimmer, and is perfect and has staying power. I use the brushes I got at IMATS to apply the bronzer, the duo fiber Pixi Woo Real Techniques Nic's Picks brushes. Also, I use the blush brush in that set to apply my blush and I must say, I finally found a perfect blush brush that is both soft, and picks up enough product for application but not too much - which is great. The surface area isn't too small or too big, it's perfect for my cheeks. 

What have been some of your favorites this month? Please share!

Until next time, XO - Miranda.

NEW! Sephora Luster Matte Lip Color review and swatches

I went to check out the new Sephora Luster Matte collection today at my local Sephora. The product came out absolutely beautifully when applied on the lips and swatched on my hand, the lighter colors were a little patchy when applied to the lip (especially if your lips are dry), but the bolder colors really came out beautifully (even with dry patches on my lips). I have attached a few swatches below, one with flash and one without.

Colors from top to bottom:
Lilac, Deep plum, Mulberry, Coral, Magenta and Electric pink

Pros: I tried on the Mulberry, and it was a perfect blue-toned bright pop of red. Super pigmented, no fragrance, had no weight to it, and glided on perfectly. You do have to be careful in the application as since it is so pigmented, you will need to really "draw within the lines" on your lip. If you so happen to draw "outside the lines", and you do not wipe away your mistake quickly, there is a likelihood it may stain your lips. Yes, this product does stay matte, but not a dry-looking matte. This leaves a nice "sheen" but not glossy.

My con for this product is, even though I let it dry on my lips, there was still transfer to my teeth. As graphic as this sounds, when you talk, or smile or do anything, saliva naturally transfers from your teeth or mouth and transfers to your lip. That motion caused some of the red to transfer to my teeth - not attractive! I even tried to do that trick where u use a kleenex or finger to kinda do a sucking motion to remove the hidden excess, but still, there was transfer.

To me, this product is well worth it. and hey, the colors are GORGEOUS and very pigmented. I will definitely have to play around with the application, and find a way to avoid transfer to the teeth. I was reading a few other reviews, and some did mention the transfer as well. Maybe I have to let it dry on application with my lips slightly pouted before I talk or do anything?? These are only $20!

Until next time, 
XO, Miranda

COLAB Invisible Dry Shampoo now in Canada!*

I am not even exaggerating when I say that I have been waiting for a LONG LONG time for these Colab dry shampoos to come to Canada. I have been watching these amazing dry shampoos make appearance on Youtube - via Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr and so forth and I have just been full of anticipation. 

FINALLY! The day has come, FarleyCo currently has them as well as London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Lawtons and select Pharmasave and Pharmachoice. They come in two sizes: 50ml $5.49 and 200ml $9.99 approx.

These dry shampoos are a breakthrough in their field as it contains a sheer and invisible dry shampoo formula and comes in a range of fragrances. This is not sticky, and leave no residue in your hair like some hair texturizers or dry shampoos I have tried in the past. The creation of this is led by Ruth Crilly, an international model and founder of a beauty and fashion website - "A Model Recommends". You can use this product to refresh, revitalize your look, or to add some body, volume, or to simply extend a blow-out or make your hair feel cleaner and perhaps, skip a shampoo day. 

My hair is notoriously oily, by that, I mean I have to wash my hair everyday or it will be flat, oily and unattractive. However, I am now able to go every other day without washing my hair and it feels great. I sometimes spray this sparingly before bed, and wake up with perfectly flowy hair. If not, I can always just spritz it on before I head out the door for work and it works just as great. 

So far, it comes in two fragrances:
Rio - A carnival or tropical notes with papaya, pineapple and a heart of cassis

London - A classic yet contemporary fragrance of bergamot, musk and magnolia

also, it comes in regular and extra volume (rio/london), for some OOMPF!

Between the two, it is so hard to pick a favorite, however, if I must, I am leaning more to Rio.

 Thank You FarleyCo for bringing these to Canada!! 
So glad that these babies are now finally in my possession! :)

Give these a try guys!!
XO - Miranda

I love... collection

I love... has released the I love... collection just in time for Valentines Day. The flavors include: Coconut and Cream, Mango and Papaya, Raspberry and Blackberry and Strawberries and Cream. These products are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart/ PharmaPrix stores. For more information, please visit the Canadian I love...collection here.

Their scents come in shower gels, bubble baths (around $9.99), body butters and body spritzers (like the one pictured below that is 100ml for $4.99 approx) at Shoppers Drug Mart.

A little about I love...they are a bath, body and beauty brand that creates deliciously scented products. The smells are fruity, fun and not overwhelming. While the Raspberry is a little too sweet for me, I have taken a whiff of the Mango and Papaya and it is delicious. The strawberry one reminds me of the strawberry and cream chupa chups back in the day and brings me back to the years of my childhood and teens.

I think these body spritzers are perfect to throw in your purse or gym bag, I know that's what I will be doing with mine! After the gym, hop in the shower, spray myself 1-2 times and then head off onto the rest of my day.

Side note: Valentines Day is fast approaching, this would be a totally cute gift for your friend or other half - pair it with some other pampering products and you got yourself a DIY pampering basket :)

 Follow I love.. on instagram at ILoveOfficial and Twitter at IloveHQ

Until next time - XO, M.

Giorgio Maestro vs. Sephora Teint Infusion

Giorgio Armani Maestro ($62cad - 1oz) vs. Sephora Teint Infusion ($30cad - 0.67oz)
Images courtesy of Sephora.com

I have had my eye on the Sephora Teint Infusion ever since it launched a month or so ago exclusively online at Sephora.com, I was hoping that maybe this could be a close dupe to my coveted Giorgio Armani Maestro. The only thing that stopped me, was the fact that I didn't know exactly what shade I would be as there are 18 shades and I don't want to order a few for no reason, or have to make the trip to return it in store. Anyways, I went to Sephora Eaton Center on Friday and they had these in stock finally. Excited, I went to swatch it with my friend, and well we both came to the consensus that this really isn't comparable to the Giorgio Maestro Foundation. 

Both of these are packaged quite similarly as you can see, I have used the Giorgio one on and off, however it is quite pricey and I haven't restocked since. The Maestro comes in a dropper form, the liquid turns into a powder finish when applied, same goes for the Sephora one. However, the Sephora one almost had a greasy oil finish and wasn't as smooth as the Giorgio. 

I think that I will definitely be sticking to the Giorgio - if you break it down - the Giorgio is only a bit more considering the Sephora, although $30 has only 0.67oz - which is about 3/4 of the Giorgio - so technically you're paying approx $15-$20 more for the full oz from Giorgio. 

Have you guys tried either of them? Thoughts?

I know alot of companies have similar concepts - i.e. lancome, however I have only had experience with the Giorgio and the Sephora, so I am only extending my opinions towards these two products that I found are the most similar. 

Until next time, Miranda

Mini Haul from Target

So I'm sure that most of you know that Target is going out of business in Canada, with that being said I decided to go to Target to see what I can pick up, hoping to score some Pixi or Sonia Kashuk stuff. There was a few Sonia stuff left, but nothing that really grabbed my attention. The only beauty item I got was the Pixi endless silky eye pen below - I have heard many good things about this and when swatched, it does feel like butter. It claims to be waterproof, so let's see how it'll hold up in my waterline.

Pixi liner Swatch

The other thing I picked up were these socks - I bought them last year when it was $1.50/pair. They were so comfortable and I have never had the chance to go pick more up. When I went today - it was reduced to $0.90/pair - score! :):) pretty happy with the socks below.

 what have you guys picked up? I know a friend of mine picked up lots of home stuff, I think it really depends on which location you go to - the one at Centrepoint had pretty regular stuff you could find at Walmart, and nothing was too discounted yet.

XO - Miranda.

COVERGIRL outlast polish 145

It's Saturday, and can you believe it ... I caught back the flu that I so happily kicked in the butt 2 weeks ago! SOOOO UPSET!! last time I had it was December 2014, and I had it for 3 weeks! My coworker had it for the same amount of time too, and now she's feeling the second coming of it too. I guess it happens, when you work on the 47th floor, and you are constantly circulating the same air and to make matters worse, I took the TTC all last week and everyone around me was coughing and sneezing - gross. My throat is so raw and it hurts to even swallow... so sad. so so so miserable....

Being cooped in, I decided to paint my nails a pastel-lilac color in attempts to lift my spirits! This is from the COVERGIRL Outlast stay brilliant collection, the color is 145. Hope you are all having a better Saturday than me!! :( 

With love, Miranda.

Glimpse into my 29th Birthday Celebrations & presents!!

Hey Everyone! My birthday was the past Thursday, on January 22 and I must say.. I have never been so spoiled (sorry, I don't mean to brag or sound so snobby, but really, it was the first year where I was utterly showered by love from my friends and family - I was also able to enjoy dinner with my in-laws as well as my parents together, so that was really special. 

I went to Yang's on Hwy 7 and Warden for all you can eat Japanese buffet with my friends last Saturday, it was good, however, service was horrible. We had a group of 11 people, and for a restaurant that adds gratuity to your bill for large parties, they should be taking our orders whenever possible. However, most of the waitresses avoided us like the plague (even though I was super prepared with my phone and the list of our orders - and no, we weren't being demanding..we only ordered 3 times that night). Most of the reviews on their site are about their service as well - too bad. Food though, was one of the better Japanese all you can eat in Toronto.

That following Sunday, we went to Very Fair Chinese Restaurant at Kennedy and Finch - food was excellent, we ordered WAY too much food for about 9 of us - there were about... 13 dishes total? it was intense, felt like I had to be rolled out on a cart after.

Tuesday, I met up with my two girlfriends for dinner at JaBistro downtown. After going to Japan last year, I feel like this is one of the most authentic Japanese resataurants in Toronto. They showcase their sushi as a form of art, yes it is pricy, but well worth it. I definitely recommend the Yukke (Wagyu Beef tartare). They do have daily specials depending on their catch of the day - so please make sure you either call ahead to ask if they have a specific item you would like to try, or else you'll be in for a surprise :) 

Thursday, day of my birthday -I got to work and my coworkers showered me with love and warm wishes. My friend got me the gift below, and yes we named the penguin Sushi. Her two similar stuffed animals are called Salami (a black cat) and Sprinkles (a polka-dotted unicorn). Yes we are crazy, but hey, you can't take everything too seriously in life, you gotta have some fun right?

Hourglass Veil Primer, Lancome Grandiose Mascara, Sephora Skin Cleanser Kit, face mask from TheFaceShop and Sushi, the Penguin!

I was then asked if I had plans for lunch, which I didn't because one of my closer coworkers that I always spend my birthday with is sick at home, I figured I would just postpone my bday lunch until next week when she was back and have it with everyone. 10 minutes later, I got an invite asking me to lunch at a "secret location" with "secret guests". For those who know me, you will know that I am NOT one to take surprises well, I get really nervous!! At lunch I left with my two workers and walked about 10 minutes to the restaurant, which was Terroni's... sat down, and saw that there were more seats?? and within a few minutes, the others came and they threw a surprise lunch for me. I felt bad that not everyone could come, however if everyone came, our department would be closed... lol. Besides, I didnt get to send out the invites, I was just as surprised to see who made it out! (so i'm sorry to those who had to work that are reading this!)

my super delicious seafood pasta
When I got home from work that night, my husband surprised me with my birthday gift... and well, that is reserved for a future post next week because it was the most thoughtful and special gift ever (so stay tuned)!!!

Finally, attached below is a picture of my birthday presents this year - you didn't have to, and were all too generous.... I really was blessed and I want to say THANK YOU again to everyone who showed me the love and was able to spend my special day with me. 

Until next time, XO - M!

Tips on beating the cold or flu

If you're like me, you will notice that everyone around you seems to be coughing, sneezing or sniffling. Whether you have been sick yourself or the people around you are full of the germs, it can definitely be an awful feeling. I think the worse has to be when taking any sort of public transportation, and the strangers around you that you are packed like sardines with, are spreading the germs that you know you cannot avoid for the life of you! 

Here are some things I have done whenever I feel sick to help get me out of that funk. I have also included a makeup look for those of you who are still feeling under the weather, but have to either go out or to work, and you don't want to look like a zombie and put yourself together a bit better. 

1. Staying hydrated with tea, water or honey.


My definite go to's are David's Tea - Organic Cold 911. It contains eucalyptus, peppermint, apple, juniper berries and a hint of orange flavoring. This tea is marked in their "cold fighting tea" section and I live by it. It is rather strong with the eucalyptus and peppermint, so if you are not used to it, I'd suggest a smaller amount of tea for your first cup to see how you would like to adjust the strength of flavoring. This almost reminds me of vicks, it opens up your clogged sinuses and just feels so good.

Next, if you have more of a sore throat, I'd recommend Bravissimo. It has licorice root, rosehips, chamomile, orange peel, goji berries, and peppermint. Notice that this and the Organic Cold 911 both have peppermint? It really helps clear the stuffy feeling you have. The chamomile is relaxing and often I drink pure chamomile tea if I want to unwind, or even if my stomach is acting up.

Echinicea Tea is a staple, you can get it at any health food store or grocery store. Echinicea is an herb that is commonly used to fight infections like the first sign of a cold, or shorten the duration of upper respiratory infections. I find that Echinicea is best taken when you feel that scratch or discomfort in your throat in attempt to surpress the potential of a full blown infection.

Honey is a great option. I have been taught that if you get a good quality Manuka Honey, just ingesting a small teaspoon of pure Manuka Honey can help with any throat discomfort. I didn't have any Manuka Honey with me this time, but I tried this before at my parents and it really helps!

Finally, what has really helped my husband and I this flu season (we were both out with a cold, his was for a bit over a week, mine was for 3..yes, 3 weeks). was the Citron Tea. You can typically find this at asian grocery stores or for those of you in Toronto, those Chinese Medicinal stores at Pacific Mall or Market Village. The Citron Tea is made from honey and Yuzu. You combine 1-2 tablespoons with hot water and sip. It's best if you eat the peel too. It's sliced really thinly so it won't be bitter. I forgot about Citron Tea til my husband got sick, and I bought a jar and we went through one who one and opened a second one. It really helped me out, soother my throat and boosted that vit. C.

Obviously, if you have a giant mug to hold that liquid in, the better it is so you can just sit back with your blankey and not have to worry about getting up constantly to refill your cup. 

2. Take your Vitamins! 

3. Avoid spicy or deep fried foods that can aggravate your throat.

4. Rest. I am so guilty of this, I will even try to go to work, until I finally get sent home because my coworkers want to avoid me like the plague. There is nothing better for you then getting LOTS of rest.

Alright...onto the "look" potion of this post. While I understand that alot of you will think it's crazy to even attempt to put any makeup on while you're sick, sometimes you just have to. For example, those days when you already took 5 days off work, yet you're still not feeling 100% better but you gotta go back in and want to avoid looking completely ghastly, here's a few simple things you can do. 

I included a picture below from last week, when I was ill, my before and after. VERY subtle differences, but I just threw on some tinted moisturizer to give me some color to my pale sickly complexion, a good salmon colored concealer to hide the blueish panda eyebags, and some mascara and a cream blush and some gloss. No eyeliner, no contouring, no bronzer and definitely no eyeshadows or fanciness. This is honestly just a bit of oomph to help you look a bit more put together.
left: before / right: after
as you can see, very subtle changes

Left: Estee Lauder Sheer Tint Release moisturizer - I have only been able to find this at The Bay and not at Sephora. I found out about this product from watching PixiWoo's videos on YouTube. This is a tinted moisturizer that comes in a greyish white color, when you rub it it feels like kinda grainy, but those are actually the self-adjusting color beads. You can apply this with your fingers, however I use the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It self-adjusts to your skin tone and more, it gives you a slight glow and it's great. However, I would not recommend this to those of you who have really fair porcelain skin as it MAY come out orange toned on you. I'd say on a MAC scale, NC/NW 20+ is fine. You can always return the product though if it doesnt work for you, according to the sales girls at The Bay.

If you have those pesky panda dark eye circles, I'd recommend taking a good orange/salmon toned concealer and putting it on - that will counter your dark circles! I recommend the SKIN FOOD Salmon Darkcircle Concealer.

 Finally, here's a picture of the makeup I used on my face. A cream blush (soft natural look), a good curling mascara, the MAC shadow was what I used to fill my brows in a bit, and the left circular container is the Laura Mercier brightening powder that I used for setting my undereye concealer. Top it off with a light pink gloss or lipchap and you're good to go.

This look took me about 5-8 minutes to complete. Quick and Simple!

I hope all of these tips help you out or give you some ideas :)

Until next time, XO - M!

How to Depot Your Naked Palettes

So a few months ago, I made the decision to depot my Naked Palettes due to the fact that the 3 palettes itself took up too much room in my Acrylic Holder. In addition, because the 3 palettes were in their own packaging, I found myself constantly gravitating to one specific palette and neglecting the others I have/had.

Combining all the palettes together allowed me to free up space in my organizer, and have access to all the colors together. In addition, I also depotted my Stila "In The Moment" palette as well. The picture below shows my 4 different palettes in a EXTRA LARGE Z-Palette that I purchased from the FTB Beauty pop-up shop. 

When I was doing some research online to figure out which sized Z-Palette would be most appropriate for this, I really found no specific reference to the best size - therefore, I wanted to just put it out there to whoever reads this and is thinking of depotting their palettes, that you should probably go for an Extra-Large and then you can also put a few other shadows you have there as well. I tried to put it in my existing large palette, but it literally is about 3mm shy of fitting (which is a shame).

My 3 palettes laid out - make sure you remember the names of the shadows so that you can label your individual shadows for future reference (if needed).

I took a letter opener and inserted it between the packaging and the shadow, stabbed straight down (sounds violent) but please use caution! You don't want to shatter your shadows, and then you pry it out of the packaging (as pictured above). I found that all the shadows were pretty easy to pry out (without heating it).

For the original naked palette, you can directly depot from the original packaging.

However, for the naked 2+3 palette, you have to remove the tray with the shadows in it, from the actual case (which is easy, you just use the same letter opener and pry the side to pop the tray of shadows out). 

I took yellow post-it notes, and wrote the names of each shadow on it, and stuck it onto the back of each shadow. Also, I laid out some parchment paper underneath to prevent any mess or fall out of the shadows that can/may occur.

You can see that I also have my straightener in this picture, originally I was debating whether I should heat the palette by prying the layer with the shadows in it, from the packaging.. and then taking that layer, put it in parchment paper and lay it against my heated straighter plates, however I found no real difference so I opted to NOT use any heat source to assist with depotting the shadows.

You will see here the amount of space I have saved using the Z palette vs. the 3 palettes. I forgot to also include the Stila palette in this picture which is about double the size of one naked palette. The width of a z palette is the width of one urban decay naked palette. 

I really hope that this tutorial provided those of you who are thinking of depotting your naked palettes with some help and ideas! If your shadows ever crack, you can take rubbing alcohol and a dropper, and take 1-2 drops directly to the shadow and pack it back together.

Until next time, XO - Miranda.

LORAC, Smashbox and Girlactik Haul

The amazing Shawna recently was kind enough to offer a few of us something really special - this being said, it was to help anybody order products from Ulta. I really took advantage of this opportunity and ordered the two LORAC palettes I've had my eye on the past 2 years. Ulta unfortunately doesn't ship to Canada, and ever since I got my furbaby Bentley, I haven't taken the time to visit the states so Shawna - THANK YOU!! :)

The Lorac Pro-Palette To Go, as its name suggests, is a really convenient palette. It has neutral matte and shimmer shades, including a black shadow which you can easily use as eyeliner. It also comes with 2 blushes, one coral one pink, and a bronzer. In addition, it has 2 brushes as well, a domed and angle one (for emergencies if you need to use it, obviously).
picture from Ulta.com

The original Lorac Pro palette  offers the user 8 matte and 8 shimmer shades in a warm/neutral tone and really isn't comparable to any of the naked palettes that I own. There is more variety in this one palette - ranging from neutral browns, to purples and mauves. If you are debating between any of the 3 naked palettes or this, I would recommend this. If you are the type to only like working with a specific color range, for e.g. the original naked palette is mostly all neutral browns, then of course, go with that. 

Girlactik is a brand that I was introduced to by watching all the Lustrelux videos. She always uses the Bronzer in Cabo and it looks so amazing on her, so while I was in search of a new bronzer, I definitely wanted to give this a try and OMG it is amazing. It's matte, perfect in the amount of "sunkissed" glow it gives you. It doesn't run orange or muddy on the skin and this has quickly risen to one of my most coveted products. 

Lastly, I had received a gift to Sephora for Christmas that I already owned, so I had to go exchange it for something else. What caught my eye at Sephora was the new Smashbox photo-finish primer water. It is said to be silicone-free, alcohol-free and oil-free. You can use this as a primer to prep your skin for makeup application, or you can use this as a setting spray or refreshing spray. I thought honestly, this had to be a gimmick. I sprayed this on my hand and my friend Meagan's hand and we were both quite surprised at how soft our hand felt. On my hand, it instantly evened out any fine lines I had on the surface from dryness, and even after walking around Sephora trying to see if there was anything else I could exchange my gift for, I ended up going back to this. My hand felt magically soft and I had to take this baby home! Lord knows I DO NOT need any more blush, shadows (I have a Makeup Geek Haul en-route right now) and what not. 

Have any of you given any of the products mentioned above a try? Let me know your thoughts!
XO, Miranda.

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette - Look #1

So I bought this palette when it was first released to VIB Rouges and immediately, I saw a bunch of mixed reviews regarding this palette. I don't own the original chocolate palette, but I wanted to try this out by myself and make my own determination as to whether I liked it or not.

To create this look I used the following shades:
- Coconut Creme on brow bone.
- Mousse - crease
- Peanut Butter - define the crease with a smaller brush
- Puddin - to further define the crease.
- Licorice - outer V
- Blueberry Swirl - on top of Licorice, it was the only way I could make the blue pop.
- Pink Sugar on the inner part of the lid (the light part without the Blueberry Swirl) for some glitter.

Make sure you blend well in each step so you don't have any harsh lines!

Review: I've read the con's were that it wasn't pigmented enough. I found all colours to be butter smooth and super blendable. The only exception is Blueberry Swirl, which could only pack a punch if layered over Licorice. If placed alone, it would be a light blue wash and you would have to really build a few layers.  Another colour I read some negative reviews for, were Pink Sugar, how it had no purpose in the palette. I really think that this was meant to be a glitter that you could layer over other colours for a glitter effect. If you think of it that way, then I see a reason for it to be there since I don't own any glitter pigments.
Products I used to create this look:

I really hope you enjoy this look! Part of my New Years Resolution is to create more looks and posting tutorials about them. I seem to get good feedback on Instagram and social media about it.
Have you tried the Semi-Sweet Palette? Would you??

Until next time - XO, M.