Guerlain Event / Meet the Skincare Expert - Dr. Bonte

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the Guerlain event at The Bay by the amazing Dave Leckie. At this event, we had the chance to meet the Director of Research for Guerlain's Skincare, Dr. Frederic Bonte and preview some items launching in the next few months.

He introduced us to the philosophy of Guerlain's Skincare line which works with the wonders of nature. Guerlain researches with partners worldwide including universities and research teams to utilize their expertise around the world to develop new and innovative skincare products.

What I found enlightening and refreshing was that Dr. Bonte reminds us that aging is not a disease.

They have dedicated research teams to study orchids, bees and different whitening products. Guerlain has dedicated 12+ years to study the orchidee imperiale. They have looked at orchids from various regions including Germany, China and Burma to see how the plants grow and differ from each region. What they have found was a breakthrough discovery that can assist with the renewal and protection of skin cells/mitochondria by extracting through different areas of the orchids - i.e. the roots.

Featured below in the golden bottle is a new product, Abeille Royale, derived from the black bee from Ouessant. An area benchmarked for its purity - untouched by parasites, pesticides and pollution which means the production of a pure honey or jelly can be made. A pure royal concentrate which has exceptional repairing powers. There has been a lot of product control to ensure the highest quality delivered. One would use this product to treat wrinkles, loss of firmness and to repair any UV damage. The two new products coming up are: 1. Abeille Royale 2. Repairing Honey Gel Mask. Dr. Bonte has advised that if you use a drop of Abeille Royale prior to the Honey Gel Mask, it can amplify the results delivered to your skin.

Finally, featured above on the right is the Blanc de Perle. We had the chance to preview the product before its launch in Jan 2015 (YAY!). Results are said to be shown as early as 8 weeks and the pearls are derived from the South of Japan.

Below is a picture of me and the amazing Dave Leckie :)

On top of the several skincare samples we got to take home, we also got this compact mirror (which is definitely too precious to use so I'm adding this to my collection of pretty items)

Lunch was provided to us that day as well - delicious!

Picture with Dr. Bonte

Until Next Time - XO, M.  

*all information noted above was delivered during the event - I try to keep the utmost accuracy in the details provided with the notes I have taken. Apologies if there are any errors.

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  1. Sounds like it was such a fun, informative event! Those Guerlain products sound so amazingly luxurious- so nice that you're getting to sample them. And super neat that you got to meet Dave! xo