Bentley and his Blue Buffalo Canned Food

TGIF all!! 

Here's some cute pics of Bentley (since I haven't posted some lately).

Here are some pics hubs took of our little furball - him and his favorite canned food, there is no other for him! He refuses to eat his dry kibble without at least a spoon or two of his canned to make it alot more tastier and yummy :) Many times, we've tried to give him just kibble and he just looks up at you with his "really, mom? really.. comeon where's the wet food" look - haha it's too cute :)

Hubs decided to caption the above pic with "oh no! I have to eat my way out!! noooo problem" lol. 

 Petsmart recently had em on sale so we def stocked up!

Hope that everyone is staying warm in this cold weather, fall's coming - the below pic taken last fall reminds me of how happy B gets when the air is crisp and he gets to run around with his little pals in the dog park - side note, wouldn't he make a cute ambassador for Blue Buffalo ads? hehee..

Until next time!
XO - M

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