Review: Creating Volume with Cake Haircare*

Cake has graciously sent some haircare products my way to help me address my hair woes - my flat...lifeless and lack of volume postpartum hair. For those of you who have been following my blog, you'll know that the journey I have with my hair is still an on-going battle. I am constantly on the search for a product that will work for me and help me achieve some oompf and vavavoom factor. 

If you're interested in my thoughts on the products that I have tried out, then keep on reading below!

This shampoo is said to both plump and thicken your hair to give you volume, while helping fortify the hair strands themselves to strengthen them from any potential breakage. For example, since I balayage my hair and heat style it, it is drier and prone to split ends and breakage. I liked how hydrating this shampoo was and how it made my hair feel really clean without that stripping sensation and it didn't add any extra gunk or weight to my hair.

This conditioner is made with natural ingredients and pairs with the shampoo to also hydrate and fortify the hair strands. It does what it needs to do to moisturize my hair but if I had to pick, my favorite of the pair would have to be the shampoo.

While the shampoo and conditioner helps to give my hair some initial volume, if I want that extra boost, I like to top it off with some extra product. The Thick Trick Styling Foam is a mousse like formulation that contains natural extracts and styling polymers to add oompf to your hair strands. I appreciate that it is not sticky or stiff and just gives me volume. Once I blow dry my hair, I am totally unaware that I have just used a styling product on top, which is quite rare for alot of similar products which make me feel sticky, or heavy.

This was a product that I used like a leave-in-conditioner. You use this after you're done showering, and you apply it to your damp hair to help moisturize it. Also you can use it mid-day to refresh your hair if you feel like you want some volume or even I found it is great to help deodorize your hair (like if there is the smell of cigarette smoke in your hair, or if you have the smell of grease or food in your hair from going to a restaurant).

For those of you who want that glossy and shiny hair, this would be the one for you - dispense 1-2 pumps on the palm of your hand and work it to the ends of your dried hair. It helps to restore moisture, smooth it out, and is not sticky or heavy. This is also said to help you revive your second-day locks (that I cannot attest to as I always like to tie my hair up on the second day), but everything else I do agree with. 

Of all the products that were sent to me, my favorite would have to be the shampoo, styling foam and the mane mange-r! The one last thing that is important to bring up is that their products are cruelty free and vegan! I'd love to know what you're interested to try!

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.


  1. Ooh I need to try these! That Volumizing Styling Foam I must get asap! Been looking for a product like that for a while, but I never seem to be able to find exactly what I need. This sounds like it would be perfect!

    1. you should totally grab that - plus also get a texturizing spray after. I like to layer it to give me some volume bc i have the finest hair thats going through the postpartum shed cycle...

  2. I use their Posh Wash (shampoo) and love it. The scent is so nice and my hair feels great after washing it :D