Review, Swatch & Tutorial: Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Collection*

Physicians Formula is a brand that has recently added quite a few things to their skincare and makeup collection - I thought that I would focus just on the makeup portion here and bring to you some swatches from their Murumuru Butter Eyeshadow Palette , the bronzers, blushes and lastly the lip creams - all of these items can be found in their Murumuru Collection page. 

I am so happy that they have decided to expand the range of bronzer shades - it comes in 8 shades now, and you can use these as bronzers or contour powders. They smell faintly of coconuts and as the name suggests, it is like butter on the skin. You only have to gently tap your brush in the pan and it delivers an even sweep of sunlit glow on ur face. This will last you a long time for sure!

The blushes, come in 7 shades total and applies just like the bronzer above and contains the same faint coconut scent. You need to just gently tap your brush in the pan, and it gives you an almost ethereal glow of flushed colors to the cheeks. It looks shimmery on the swatch, but when applied to the face, it just adds dimension to your cheeks, doesn't leave you looking flat and makes you look like you have a healthy glow.

Left: the Tropical Days MuruMuru Butter Eyeshadow Palette comes in two different color variations - this one is called Tropical Days, and the other one is called Sultry Nights (which has more earthy, smokey tones). It contains 12 shades with a mix of mattes, shimmers and swatches just as beautifully on the hand and blends on the lids like a dream. They can be used wet or dry (even though I found the shimmers fine without being wet). 

Right: Murumuru Butter Lip Cream contains SPF15, which is a great two in one product, it applies like a smooth balm like texture, it is weightless and has a slick to it, and the pigmentation is beautiful and opaque. It contains lots of hydrating properties to leave your lips soft, moisturized and supple. It also comes in 10 shades, so you will find something that will suit you.

I used the palette above to create a natural daytime look (that can be paired with the nude lip) and showed how easily it is to just create a more dramatic look as well.

I highly recommend these products, you really need to grab one or two considering they're available at the drugstore! 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent for consideration, all opinions are my own.


  1. Such a pretty collection! I've wanted to get one of their butter blushes for a while now and the lip creams look like they'd go nicely with the butter bronzer I already have.

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  2. The lip cream looks lovely! I love the bronzer and blush from this range, but the highlighter disappointed me!

    1. i havent had the chance to try the highlighter! I wanted to perhaps buy the casey holmes collab set - and get the chance to try a bit of it all before but i cant find it in toronto yet...