Review: Scentuals Natural and Organic Skincare Review*

I was recently graciously sent the above products from Scentuals to try out, they are a brand that produces Natural and Organic Skincare products, and it is my first time trying out their products. If you're interested in knowing my thoughts, and which products I would recommend then keep on reading below! I have included descriptions of the products directly from their site for your convenience!

Of all the products that were sent to me, these two would have to be my favorite. They both work, keeps my hands hydrated and comfortable without feeling thick and heavy. I appreciate that though there are scents to these products, they are mild and not overwhelming. My hands are prone to eczema in the colder, dryer weather and the Grapefruit Tumeric hand cream didn't irritate the eczema and actually provided it with some relief. 

"Our 100% natural quick-absorbing hand cream deeply nourishes skin with Shea butter and Cocoa butter leaving skin silky smooth. Enriched with Organic Argan, Sweet Almond oil and Aloe for healthy hydrated hands. Turmeric evens tone leaving skin radiant and refreshed, while bright citrus notes of grapefruit uplift and brighten spirits."

"Handmade with care, our delicate 100% natural lotion nourishes mind and body. Hydrate and rejuvenate skin with Organic Argan and Organic Olive oils, while the harmonious and bright duo of pure vanilla and tangerine invigorate and lift spirits."

I have not tried Rosehip Oil before, so I was quite interested in seeing how multi-purposed this product really was. It provided instant relief for dryness and soaks in so quickly and isn't greasy and thick. It doesn't smell aggressive, I am actually adverse to artificial rose scents and I found that alot of the products in the market, when marked as "rose scented" smells too strong and fake. However, this doesn't at all. 

Rosehip Oil - $29.95
"Rosehip oil is a popular beauty staple due to its natural skin rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. It has beneficial fatty acids and nutrients that give skin a beautiful, healthy glow."

If you are a follower of my blog, or know me in real life, know that I love roll-on aromatherapy blends to help with migraines and nausea. I swear by them and was excited to be introduced to a new brand of them. This is what they have to say about their roll-ons from their site:

"Our 100% natural aromatherapy roll-ons make aromatherapy easy and accessible. Perfect for those new to the practice, those with on-the-go lifestyles and those who enjoy the convenience of tried and tested blend recipes. Each roll-on is infused with a unique mix of therapeutic grade essential oils with long histories of use based on their properties and abilities to heal and revitalize the body and mind."

Of the two, I liked De-Stress, the Lavender and Lemon blend really relaxed me as well as just allowing me to calm down when I was doing my breathing exercises. I had recently participated in a health and wellness session at my work and I was able to incorporate this into my meditation and unwinding exercises. I keep at least one of them with me just in case.

"De-Stress utilizes Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli and Lemon essential oils among others to calm nerves, anxiety and reduce stress."

Balance Roll On - $15.95
"Balance utilizes Ylang Ylang, Juniper berry and Neroli essential oils among others to relax the mind, relieve tension and uplift spirit."

In full honesty, I am quite picky about my lip balms, so since I have so much from this collection I have tried out already, I have decided to share these and pass it on to my friend who loves the natural products, especially lip ones. However, I have included a description of their products below. 

"Our 100% natural, petroleum-free, lip conditioner is a handcrafted gluten free formula that utilizes Cocoa and Shea butters to nourish and protect. Pure Vanilla and Tangerine essential oils mingle for a bright and invigorating aroma burst with every application."

"Our 100% natural, petroleum-free, lip conditioner is a handcrafted gluten free formula that utilizes Cocoa and Shea butters to nourish and protect. Pure Mint essential oils mingle for a cool and refreshing aroma burst with every application."

Lastly, bar soap! Again, I don't really use bar soap so I have passed this on to my friend as well and she loves it! She said that it wasn't stripping at all and it cleansed her sensitive skin effectively and kept it moisturized. She would repurchase and try out other ones too and from their site I see a lot of different varieties of these so I think she will be pleased. 

"Bright and uplifting orange and geranium come together to make every cleansing experience refreshing and revitalizing. Coconut and Olive oils deeply condition and hydrate. 100% natural, handmade and cruelty free. Gentle, for everyday use."

Out of all the products, I would definitely recommend the lotions and secondly the oil blends. I do want to try out their perfumes next, I see that they have a beautiful collection of them on the site. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for consideration, all opinions are my own.


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