Roger & Gallet - Aura Mirabilis Legendary Fluid & Thé Fantaisie Extrait de Cologne*

Roger et Gallet is a French company that was founded in 1862. They made a name of themselves when they created luxurious bath soaps in the shape of a circle and wrapped beautifully in silk paper and sealed, that is still in use today. The first time I was introduced to this product was when I saw it in my grandma's bathroom, I remember it specifically because of the extra care and touch that was put in its packaging. Now, I see it in various department stores and most recently at The Bay. 

I was recently contacted to see if I was interested in reviewing some of their products, and yes of course I had to give it a try as I had never personally used it before. The two products sent to me are listed below, the Aura Mirabillis Legendary Fluid, retailed at $40 cad and The Fantaisie Extrait de Cologne, retailed at $80 cad. 

Aura Mirabilis Legendary Fluid - is a light-weight, almost serum like in texture, daily moisturizer. It is said to even out the skintone and give you more radiance. It is also great for those of you who have fine lines, dullness or uneven texture. While I do not have those listed skin problems, I do find that this moisturizer has helped with the radiance factor, my skin appeared to be slightly brighter, I looked less tired and dull (which is something that can happen especially in the winter time) and my skin was definitely softer. I do like that this is weightless and absorbed very quickly on the skin and left no tackiness at all. The scent is floral and dissipates after about 15-20 minutes. It is also worth noting that this product is paraben, sulfate and phthalate free. 

Thé Fantaisie Extrait de Cologne - is, as the name suggests a perfume that is great for those of you who have the same scent profile as me. I love fragrances that are fresh, light and containing Citrus and Fruity notes. This perfume is exactly that with additional notes of black tree extract, cardamom, coriander, sage and vetiver. The secondary notes mentioned after mellows out the citrus component and adds almost a creamy note to it with the black tea - kind of like Earl Grey tea with the cardamom. 
Of the two products, though very different obviously, I prefer the scent of the perfume more and would love to try out their other fragrances!
Until next time, XO - M.
*products were sent to me for review and consideration, all opinions are my own

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