Chinese New Year Makeup Tutorial ft. Brand New Products*

I don't think that I have ever created a Chinese New Year Makeup tutorial on the blog before, so why not try something new this time around :) I have rounded up all brand new products to me (there are two that I've used before but I recently restocked on it) and decided to create a look with all these items. 

The products included in the tutorial are:
1. Primer - Lancome - La Base Pro Hydra Glow (Illuminating Makeup Primer)
2. Foundation - SHISEIDO - Future Solution LX Total Radiance Foundation (Golden 3)
3. Concealer - Tarte - Shape Tape (Light-Neutral) 
4. Under Eye Setting Powder - Too Faced - Kandee Johnson Banana Pudding Powder 
5. Setting Powder for the face - Givenchy Lunar New Year 2018 - Prisme Libre Loose Powder, Chinese New Year Limited Edition
6. Brows - Avon - True Color Glimmersticks Brow Definer (Brunette)
7. Blush - Marc Jacobs - Air Blush Contouring Powder (Flesh & Fantasy)
8. Highlighter - Lancome - Olympia Le-Tan - Cushion Highlighter
9. Eyeshadow - Urban Decay - Naked Heat Palette
10. Eyeliner - Stila - Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner (Intense Black)
11. Lashes - KISS - True Volume Lashes (Ritzy)
12. Lipstick - Givenchy Lunar New Year 2018 - Le Rouge Lipstick in "305 Égérie" 

For the Eyes: 

For the Face:

The Shiseido Future Solution Foundation and Powder comes in such beautiful and luxe packaging. It looks like an oyster pearl from above with the light gold logo/emblem embossed on top. Its so fancy! The foundation bottle is the first type I've tried - it's a gel liquid formula in a bottle, no pump or dispenser. You take the plastic little spatula/spoon to scoop the product up to apply to the face. I enjoyed this formula alot, especially for the winter colder months. It is really hydrating and dries to a satin finish. It is sheer to medium buildable and does not look cakey on the face at all. It looks very natural and does not oxidize on me.  The powder though translusent runs a little bit pinkish on me so I was very light handed with it - it creates a soft powder finish to the skin and makes it look airbrushed and seemless. 

For Chinese New Year, Givenchy has released two limited edition products in celebration of it (I am so happy about this!) The two products are below, the Prisme Libre Loose Powder, Chinese New Year Limited Edition and Le Rouge Lipstick in "305 Égérie". 

The powder, contains four different shades of finely milled powder that when mixed together creates a blurring, air brushed finish to the skin. I had previously used a similar product from Givenchy before (see post here) and I absolutely love it. This product did not let me down either. 

The lipstick, I was expecting to be more blue-based red toned for some reason, but this color is still beautiful. It is a coral pinkish red toned lipstick that works well for all seasons (especially the summer with some tanned skin). The formulation is hydrating, does not sink into any fine lines on the lips and is creamy and pigmented most importantly. It almost feels like a balm when applied but definitely packs a punch like a lipstick. One swipe is all it takes, and you can see from the image below that it is really pretty.

Lastly, the packaging is elegant and luxe - it contains gold embossing on a leather like label/packaging on the top of the powder box and around the casing of the lipstick. It stands out on my vanity and is just so beautiful!

For the eyes, I used the Urban Decay Heat Palette, all shades are mapped out below. In addition, I used my long time Stila liquid liner to create a bold and defined line and cat eye. The liner is pigmented, one swipe gives you even color delivery that is black and opaque. 

As for my reviews on the other products used, please see below for my quick recaps!

Lancome - La Base Pro Hydra Glow (Illuminating Makeup Primer) ~ This product works exactly as it says it is an illuminating primer that makes you glow from within. I have used it applied under my foundation and mixed with it and both work fabulously. It also works well to hydrate the skin as well. 

Tarte - Shape Tape (Light-Neutral) - I still don't get why this product isn't for sale in Canada because I love the formulation. I use a pea size amount under both eyes and my panda dark eye circles disappear without looking cakey or settling into fine lines. It also doesn't suck out any hydration and does not leave it dry.

Too Faced - Kandee Johnson Banana Pudding Powder ~ This product was not for sale in Canada, so I ordered it online to see the hype. It worked well, as a setting powder but I do not think that it is any better than anything else I've tried that I could probably get at a better price point. I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase this even though it was LE. 

 Avon - True Color Glimmersticks Brow Definer (Brunette) ~ This is a pretty good brow pencil, it is a gel pencil formula, a bit softer than I am used to (I typically use hard pencil types) but it works well to deposit color and stay all day without having to use another gel to set it. It looks a bit more natural I find and the color matches well. 

Marc Jacobs - Air Blush Contouring Powder (Flesh & Fantasy) ~ I already own one of these in another color, Lines and Last Night, and I love the formulation and want to own more! This is more of a subtle mauve nude color that works with any eye or lip color look you are going for. It is finely milled and deposits natural color on your face without having to reapply it a few times. 

Lancome - Olympia Le-Tan - Cushion Highlighter ~ In all honesty, I was skeptical about this product at first, but to my surprise it is one of the best highlighters I've used. I have had problems with powder highlighters before with it either not showing, or hardening and not applying after a while. With this cushion formulation, it is a liquid so as long as I keep the packaging on tight, then I know that the product will deliver the same results every time. This product can either give you a sheer highlighted look which I went for in the look above, or you can layer it (without any patchiness) and look like JLO glow goddess! This is my new fav highlighter as I can look naturally radiant with it!

KISS - True Volume Lashes (Ritzy) ~ This is a great drugstore priced item and find. It lists for under $5 on the site (I think in american, but still in Canadian it'd be under $10 I think) and it is great quality and looks just as good as my $30-$40 pair. I know I can get a few uses out of it too as the band is sturdy but flexible. It feels weightless on my lids and very comfortable. 

Until next time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Pretty look!! I really liked the givenchy lipstick! I wish I can get my eyeshadow to show up better on camera, any tricks?

    Raincouver Beauty

    1. Hey Angela!! Thank You for your sweet words! I’ve been working so hard at that aspect of my blog - getting the shadows to pop... I look back to my photos from years ago and they all just look like one blob lol.

      I highly encourage the investment in a camera mines a Sony a5000 nothing major but it makes a world of a difference. Also natural lighting for sure!!