Estée Edit Media Event and Launch Party*

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Estée Edit Media Event and Launch Party about 2 weeks ago to preview and get to playing with the new collection from Estée Lauder. For those of you who have heard of Estée Lauder, you will most likely feel like it is catered to the more mature clientele. I always remembered looking through my grandmother's vanity and finding the classic gold statement lipstick tube that they were known for - the ridged gold circular one? yeah. However, I think that they are really smart to have come out with Estée Edit, an entire new collection and line geared towards all age groups :) Please continue reading to see my thoughts on some of the products I got to play with. 

The event had a live DJ to get the party going, while servers walked around with some finger foods and drinks. It was such a fun event and we definitely got pampered while we played with all this new makeup. What was even cooler, was that they had little polaroid cameras set up on different tables so that we could take pictures with other beauty bloggers, of ourselves and of course, of the products. Oh, and you see the pictures up top? If you were on snapchat that night at the event, they even had their own filter - HOW COOL IS THAT? ahh! I had to screenshot some of my pictures and show you guys!

Below are some pictures from the event: 

 Most of you who are beauty lovers and followers will know that Kendall Jenner and blogger, Irene Kim have been signed by the brand to be their spokesmodel. They both have been part of the creation process and are also very involved on social media and the campaigns.

Above on the back of my hand, are swatches from the kohl shadowsticks - they are so pigmented and I really need that teal color in my life. Also, I swatched the black liquid liner and the blush in the middle. So far, I am most impressed by the liner and the kohl shadowsticks. 

Below is a picture of the gift bag we got from the event :) *squeals*

Here's a better shot of the products received - the 1. Pink Peony Overnight Water Mask, 2. Lip Flip Shade Transformer - Yellow (Turn Up) which brightens  3. Lip Flip Shade Transformer - Black (Turn Down) which darkens and finally 4. Mattified Lipstick - You're Welcome (a true red).

I must say that the two Lip Transformers are a bit gimmicky, the black shade is really just a straight black lipstick, and while it says that it should deepen any color when applied on top of it, it kind of just adds a black tint. Also, the yellow one which is to brighten the current lip color when applied over it, I feel like it just changes the color to whatever the current color plus yellow is - for e.g. on the red lipstick, when I applied the yellow (brightening one) on top, it just became orange? vs "brightening". I'm not sure if I would pay $26 per lip transformer. 

The colored matte lipstick though, is beautiful. Its creamy when applied, does not skip and tug on the lips. It is a true matte and is beautiful. I would pay the $26 for this. 

I really like the gel like formula of this mask - it provides great hydration and I use it every night as a night cream. It is actually a mask, but it helps combat the dry skin I have been getting this winter, plus it's helping combat the craziness my skin is experience from the warm and freezing cold weather we've been in Toronto. 

Until next time, XO - M. 

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