Thomson Park

Now that summer's here, hubs and I get to take Bentley out for long walks/hikes at Thomson Park (Brimley and Ellesmere) just a close drives away. The little guy loves it so much, typically we'll take him to the dog park there to play (which we did on Saturday morning), but today, we decided to take an hour long walk with him through the park, trails and woody areas.

Whether we go in the morning or around lunch time, we always pack some food and enjoy it in the park before heading out to the dog park area or our walks - love the family time outdoors (otherwise, I'd be glued to the couch watching Netflix.... oyyy).

Speaking of the dog park - this location has a pretty good layout. They divided it into 3 different areas which are all fenced in seperately: 1) for large dogs only 2) for big and small dogs 3) just for small dogs. The dog park at Mcnicoll and Birchmount (L'amoreaux Park) is pretty horrible - the owners don't pick up after their dogs, so you have poopie landmines everywhere. Then there are the owners with the large dobermans that don't train them properly, and their dogs end up mauling and jumping on other people and their dogs who are there trying to enjoy themselves. Granted that the doberman isn't always there, but still, too dirty.....I much prefer Thomson Park...

Until next weekend!! :)

- XO, M.

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