Empties: Urban Decay Setting Spray

Urban Decay All Nighter (Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray)
$36 CDN @ Sephora

I think that this product is one of the better sprays I have used to set my makeup - however, they indicate that there is a 16 hour budge-free formula. I find that personally, no matter how much I prepped my skin, used the primer, etc, I couldn't make it past a 12 hour day - I usually finish my makeup at 7am - and I'm back at around 7pm, my makeup is already kinda melting/moving around...

I think that so long as you carry around some oil blotting sheets, or a powder compact to touch up the oily areas, you should be okay.

Overall, I'd repurchase this product again - but I'm still open to options, I'll let you know how the MAC Fix+ setting spray is!

- XO, M

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