New Lip Products from Dior - Review & Swatches (2017)*

For those of you who do not know this, besides my love of blush my second favorite make-up product are lip products and that is in large part due to the start of my blogging career. Before I became a beauty blogger, I had always stuck with my typical comfort colors - the light neutral baby pinks and mauves and never ventured out besides that realm. However, now that I have the wonderful opportunity of being able to test out and review various lip products that range in all spectrum of colors, I have come to learn that I can actually wear alot of shades that I would have been nervous to before, and that they actually look good! 

I recently was sent some new lip products from Dior - their Rouge Dior Liquid  and Rouge Dior Double Matte Metal Colour and Couture Contour Lipsticks. Both products retail for $43cad each.

Below I will first review the Matte Metal Lipsticks which as the name suggests, is a lipstick that offers an outer matte and inner metallic finish product. This creates an almost satin sheen that also delivers a subtle ombre finish to the lips. When applied - as you can see in the two swatch photos below, the ombre is very subtle - to me, it works more as a lip volumizer that makes the center of your lips look a shade lighter, and adds a 3D-plump-ness to the center of the lip. 

Left: 429 - Coup De Chic | Right: 590 - Dressed to Kill
I think that the ombre and subtle plumped look is more visible on the darker shade on the right in the picture above. As you can see, on the bottom lip, the center portion just looks a bit more raised and has more of a juicy pout to it. I love this subtle look that isn't too dramatic. It just looks more natural.

Next, we have the Rouge Dior Liquids, a long-wear liquid lip that isn't drying to the lips at all and is said to offer a 12-hour wear. It comes in three different formulations - Matte, Metallic and Satin. Wear them alone, or mixed to your own finish (as you can see that I've done below).

The wand in the Rouge Dior Liquids is a very innovative and new wand - it contains a concave portion on the doe foot applicator at the end that holds and houses the product to ensure that you only need to dip your wand in the product once, and then you get to have an even delivery of product on your lips. It also has a very fine precision tip that allows you to be precise and stay within the lines of your lip without having to use a lip liner.

Left: 334 - Vibrant Metal | Middle: 424 - Hypnotic Matte | Right: 895 - Fab Satin.

Above, I had mentioned that since starting my beauty blogging journey, I have the chance to try shades I'd never thought I'd look good in and that is shade 895 - Fab Satin. Of the 3 shades sent, this one is my absolute favorite and would be something I wouldn't have even considered before. It's vampy, perfect for fall and yet it looks classy and elegant at the same time.

I thought I'd include a photo of what a mixed concoction looks like - I applied 424 - Hypnotic Matte all over the lips, and then dabbed 334 - Vibrant Metal right in the center of the lips to add some dimension and volume. 

Of the two products, it is hard for me to suggest which one to purchase as it is up to your personal preference - a liquid lipstick vs. a traditional bullet lipstick. However in all honesty you cannot go wrong with either lip product as they both deliver and is worth the higher price tag. 

Until Next Time, XO - M.

*products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

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