NEW! Dry Spray Antiperspirants Review *

Hey Everyone!! Today's topic is personal hygiene products, specifically deodorant. For those of you who have been to the pharmacy or grocery store lately, you will see that there are some new products that have hit the shelves - Spray-On Antiperspirant/Deodorant! I was recently sent some of these products to try out, and they were kind enough to sent some for my hubby to try as well. 

Here's the assortment of mens and womens dryspray. 

Attached below are the mens products from Axe, Dove and Degree

The favorite of my husbands would have to be the Degree followed by the Dove. The one he reached for the least is the Axe, and that is purely due to the scent which is too cologne-ish.  

He is a really active indivdual - he goes to the gym every other day, and on the days he isn't at the gym, he's running. On Saturdays, he runs 16km-20km and I thought that there'd be no one better to test these out under an active sweaty environment then him. He would be able to tell me if this stuff really works. 
He sprayed on the Degree in the morning before work, and came home at the end of the day, went to the gym, sweated, came back and all was still fresh. *bell rings* this product really worked. 
The Dove started wearing out at the end of the day, pre work-out, and the Axe was just too strong, as mentioned before. The scent would waft out even hours later.. a bit too overwhelming. 

Next, is the womens line - I gave a bottle of this to my friend to try and I'll include her review below.

The Degree one, I wasn't a fan of the smell. It was too strong, and lingered in the air too much after application. It was like a cloud of fragrance around you, that stayed around for a good 20 seconds. 

I was personally a fan of the cucumber Dove one, I agree that it is a dry spray - there is no waiting around for this stuff to dry once you spray it. It is also a bonus that it does not spray on cold, that would really suck! The cucumber is a very light scent, however, it also does linger in the air for a while after you spray it. 

One thing to note is, I cannot wear regular roll-on deodorant. For some reason, my arm pit rashes out, and becomes really irritated or I would get in-growns (lovely visual sorry). However, I have been using this product everyday for the past few weeks, and I am happy to report that I have not developed any weird skin conditions or irritations. 

I will most likely continue to purchase the Dove Cucumber Dry Spray, and keep it in my gym bag just because its convenient and its the one thing that works for me, besides my all natural deodorant stick I use. However, I will not be purchasing the Degree - it was too overwhelming and I didn't find the lasting power to be as comparable to Dove. 

Last thought - the packaging of this product, with the metal cans seems a bit excessive. I mean, yes regular deodorant still has its waste in terms of the plastic container - however, metal aerosol cans, I feel like that may be more harmful to the environment? Thoughts?

Until next time - XO, M.


  1. Hi Miranda :) Great post, thank you for sharing this with us your thoughts on the spray deodorant, I havent have a chance to try this product yet but looking forward to trying it out!! The Dove Cucumber Dry Spray, sound really good, as I love Dove products , so i was very happy to hear that the scent isnt to strong. Also, it was so great the spray on deodorant it works for your husband too, I must go get one for my boyfrriend when time :) Thank you for sharing, hope we can keep in touch, talk soon :) have a wonderful weekend xo, Janet (@Beautyboxchic)

  2. I have the Dove cucumber one! I actually really enjoy it too. I don't know if it's just me, but throughout the day I get little wafts of the smell when I move around loll