Louella Delights

Louella Delights
Website: http://www.louelladelights.com/html/scented_soap/
Toronto, Ontario

Featured here:
1. Eucalyptus Mint Soap ($5.90) - My favorite of the two that were sent to me (I got the half size bar - the actual bar is about double this) . If you are a lover of Eucalyptus, you will definitely love this soap, anytime of the day - especially after a long day at work, or a good sweat at the gym - it completely de-stresses you. Once the hot water hits the soap, all the oils just come out and it scents my condo.. so amazing...It reminds me of the eucalyptus steam room at Le Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain Resorts...

2. Wisteria Lilac ($7.12) - (I got the half bar size - the actual bar is about double this) made with cocoa and Shea butter, this is perfect for people with dry or sensitive skin. This is perfect for fall/winter, or even right before bed - its a really soothing lilac smell, not overwhelming. The consistency of the lather is really smooth and almost milky/creamy in texture. I always have really dry legs no matter how much I moisturize and I find that alot of soaps I use suck all the moisture out of my legs even more... This one, paired with my Lubriderm moisturizer, kept my legs prepped and ready for summer. No more scaley alligator skin legs! (TMI i know...* gross *).

3. Mochaccino Lip Balm ($2.75) - I love the small tin it comes in, slim, compact and perfect to throw in my purse or makeup bag on the go. I know alot of companies now, e.g EOS balms that people love, are SOO bulky I'm not a fan of those at all. I really like this lipbalm - it has a sheer tint of color that gives the perfect "my lips but better" shade, on days I want to be casual and not rock a lipstick. I wouldn't say that its super moisturizing, but - it does keep your lips moisturized (does that make sense?). What i mean is, if you have super cracked lips, this won't help you on day one. You would clearly have to get something more heavy duty. However, if you just need a good hydrating lipbalm this is it - bonus factor? it's NOT GREASY at all.. LOVE that fact! I hate greasy lipbalms or glosses which makes your hair get caught on it and becomes a real mess.

What I'm looking forward to try next:
1. Chardonnay Lip Balm
2. Tea Tree Neem Soap - I LOVEEEE Tea Tree. My hubs has sensitive skin, so I think this would be perfect for him

For those of you looking to try the soaps out, they have a 6 piece sample pack for $20 (pictured left from Louella Delights website). They also do bulk orders or custom orders if you wanted to order them for a wedding or special occasion gift/favor to your friends/family or guests.

I really hope that you will try these soaps out, the owner and creator is from Toronto and I really believe in supporting our local talent here. Paying a bit more for the added quality and products is so much better for you. Being able to understand everything you read on the label actually helps vs. reading those liquid or bar soaps in the stores that have all these chemicals etc combined in their mixes.

Give it a try! Let me know your thoughts! Until next time.........

XO - M.

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