Party City Halloween Candy Haul!!

Halloween is approaching ... and for those of us who LOVE halloween treats, but don't want to look at an ENTIRE BOX with guilt and remorse because you know that you're about to inhale all of it a few days (or hours.. depending on how intense you are) - I recently dropped by Party City on a whim and saw that they now have a candy station set up!! $1 for 15 candies! booyah!! I stocked up for hubs and myself... we got about $3 worth... the Butterfinger, BabyRuth and snicker (higher end brands) are 5 for $1.. we only got $1 worth...... 

I think that this is an amazing idea for those of us who really just want that sugar fix without buying an entire box of candies. This gives you variety and you're less likely to overdose on all the candies... (and even if you do.. it won't be THAT horrible.. it's only just a couple here.. lol)

Until next time, XO - M.


  1. wow this looks amazing!! I've never been to party city, I think I might need to. I like the pick-your-own style of it too. You can get exactly what you want!

    1. Hahahaha it was quite thrilling i went to the one at kennedy commons dunno if youre close to that ... I'm a sucker for those tootsie roll lollipops so gooood the mini ones.. also love those peanut chews right in the pic soooo goooood


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