Nina's Eats and Treats

Nina's Eats and Treats.
Custom Cakes start at: $65+ depending on detail, size, etc...

My best friend, Nina, started making custom cakes at home the past year, and her cakes are so detailed and amazing. Please visit her instagram page to see pictures of all of her cakes, treats and baked goods.

The prices for the cakes depends on the size, amount of detail and time it will take to make them. Right now, she is catering to smaller affairs and is based in Toronto, Ontario.

For my birthday this year, she made me a giant Hello Kitty banana chocolate chip cupcake - cake (below). It was absolutely adorable and delicious! Everyone in the gathering devoured it.

Everyone, give Nina a try - you won't regret it - she has never gotten one single bad review and her clients come back again and again... she makes a variety of batters for her cakes from scratch, red velvet, vanilla, banana, chocolate etc, and she is really open to customizing and catering to your ideas while putting her own twist to it.

Until next time ...

XO - M.

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